Louise joined the salon in September 2020 and is a very welcome addition to Team O&G.

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A friendly, calm and professional personality

Louise joined the salon in September 2020 and is a very welcome addition to Team O&G.

She takes her work extremely seriously and excels in all of her treatments, having a warm and friendly personality, she likes to help clients look and feel their best. Louise looks forward to welcoming you to relax and renew in her new treatment room, the sanctuary, she has designed this to be a peaceful and serene space that as soon as you enter you forget everything outside and the stresses of everyday life allowing her to carry out her treatments and de-stress the world one client at a time.

Louise specialises in all forms of massage as well as Natural Face Lift Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Pregnancy massage.

She is also fully qualified in Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy to help support and empower her clients on their journey to make positive changes in their lifes and her treatments can help with anxiety, stress, panic attacks, driving test or exam nerves, bereavement, or loss of self-esteem and confidence, even if you are trying to lose weight, to stop smoking or break another habit, or if you are fearful of making a speech, terrified of needles, spiders or flying on a plane, or struggling with pain management hypnotherapy with Louise can really can help you.

Louise is already a salon success story. She was a client at the salon for over 5 years and casually mentioned in a conversation whilst having her nails done that she had always wanted to learn massage but not had the confidence to move forward with it. With encouragement from Team O&G she enrolled on her massage course and gained top marks in both her written and practical assessments. We have all been so proud and blessed to be a part of her journey and we are excited for her to develop and gain new skills and add more treatments to her ever growing list.

  • Her favourite treatment to give is: Natural Face Lift Massage
  • Her favourite treatments to receive are: A relaxing facial.
  • Her top tip is: “A 60 minute massage will benefit your body as much as 8 hours sleep”
  • Her favourite quote is: “Massage is not a luxury, its a way to a healthier and more positive life.”
  • Three words to describe her: Caring, Dedicated and Loyal
  • Fun facts: If Lou had a superpower she would sprinkle peace and happiness everywhere. If she was stranded on a desert island her essential items would be a photo of her family and something to cook on (she could give Mary Berry a run for her money with her baking skills!).
  • ITEC Massage Diploma
  • Diplomas in Relaxation, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Acupoint  Massages.
  • Diploma in advanced massage techniques
  • Thai Foot Massage Diploma
  • Natural Face Lift Massage Diploma
  • Aromatherapy Diploma
  • Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma
  • Reiki Certification
  • MONU skincare  and Holistic facial specialist
  • Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma