Wellbeing Box – Selfcare Deluxe

£21.95 inc VAT

This selfcare wellbeing box is hand packed and wrapped with love and gratitude and contains a selection of products to create a personal wellbeing sanctuary, and includes:

♥ Harmony wax melt bar infused with essential oils of Geranium & Rose with Aventurine crystals which are associated with the heart chakra, to promote compassion and empathy, stabilise the state of mind in seeing alternatives and possibilities, and encourages feelings of well-being.
♥ 10ml aromatherapy room spray with essential oils of Lime, Mandarin, and a hint of lavender. The citrus calming scent just overtakes you and relaxes the mind!
♥ 10ml aromatherapy pulse point rollerball with an energising combination of zesty Mandarin, Grapefruit and Lime essential oils in soothing vitamin E carrier oil, that can help you boost alertness and sharpen your focus to get you started in the morning or whenever you need it.
♥ Delicate chamomile infused self-heating eye mask helps deliver a sense of deep relaxation and tranquillity so that you can focus on your wellbeing and feel energised and raring to go, ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way.
♥ Aromatherapy bath salts with Neroli to relax and calm the mind and body. and we have added a bright red rose petals for an extra touch of Spa – like luxury in the tub!
♥ Rose Quartz crystal to help bringing joy, love, and contentment.
♥ Positive affirmation card.